Butaritari Council Guest House

Located in Temwanokunuea village close to the lagoon side about 10 minutes ride by truck from the airport.


Facilities include three Kiakias (local houses with raised platform), one concrete building that offers one double room and nine single rooms, furnished with beddings, mosquito nets, surrounded by a fence. Lights are run by the generator. They have a kitchen which is also a dining room consisting of a freezer, gas and kerosene stove, self- service drink, and utensils. The lounge has a round table and some chairs. They have two share toilets, a shower. One of the toilets is located outside as an extension of this building. They also have a maneaba (traditional meeting house) that can accommodate up to 50 people. It is a walking distance to the volley ball and soccer field. Meals are provided but guests can also cook their own food. Soft drinks, mineral water, and beers are available when needed.


Island guided tour, motorbike hire, boat hire, truck hire can be arranged with the Clerk on request. Arrangement for pickup at the airport is essential prior to arrival in Butaritari.

Contact Details

Butaritari, Island Council
Tel: (+686) 35003 or 35002

Additional Information

For full information about Butaritari Atoll please click on this link: Butaritari Factsheet