Monivae Hotel Chevalier College

Monivae Hotel is owned and operated by the Chevalier College on the Island of Abemama. Situated on the ocean side between villages Tabiteuea and Tabonnua close to King Binoka’s beach, (the tyrant king of the island during 1800s ), just 5 minutes ride by truck from Kariatebike where the Island Council is stationed.


Facilities include one large bungalow building with a master bedroom, one single room and two extra single beds outside these two rooms in the entrance area connected to a partitioned dining room that can be used as a meeting boardroom as well. The dining room is furnished with 1 refrigerator, 1 boiled water container, 1 medium- sized freezer, self-service drink, 1 table and a few chairs. Additionally, there are 8 KiaKias, (local houses with raised platform) designed perfectly for both single and a couple. Lights are powered by the generator. They have two share toilets constructed from local materials with western toilets, septic system and two showers. There is also a Maneaba (traditional meeting house) that can accommodate a small group of up to 30 people or more and a separate kitchen house constructed from local materials, equipped with a stove, utensils and 1 table.

Meals such as breakfast, lunch, dinner are served. We can also cater for your dietary requirements but we need to be informed of this well in advance. Soft drinks, beers, toiletries, towels, beddings, and mosquito nets are available and can be provided when needed.

Arrangement for hire of transport for pickup and drop off at the airport is essential prior to arrival on the island. Other services such as, island guided tour, truck hire, motor bike hire, and boat hire to visit Biike islet can be arranged with the Guest house on request.

Contact Details

Chevalier College.
Principal Tel : (+686) 41008 or 41009

Additional Information

For full information about Abemama Atoll please click on this link: Abemama Factsheet